Dodge County Approves Study For Tech Upgrades In Courtrooms

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board approved a funds transfer Tuesday night to conduct a technology study of Dodge County court rooms. Seventy-thousand dollars was reallocated from the general fund to the Information Technology Department to cover the cost of the study. The issue stems from antiquated audio and visual equipment located in the five circuit courtrooms. A committee consisting of two judges and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, Physical Facilities and Information Technology selected Pro Audio Designs to conduct a review of the existing equipment.

Judge Joseph Sciascia says it is time for an upgrade and notes that the microphones in branch three have to be positioned in a particular way and the slightest change will affect the sound quality. Supervisor Lisa Derr says she is shocked it has taken this long to address the issue and believes the audio and visual equipment should match the quality of the rest of the courthouse.

Pro Audio Design will recommend appropriate upgrades in equipment and software, explore expanding video court capabilities as well as develop plans and specifications for installation. The study is anticipated to take several months and should be completed in 2019. Six-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars is being set aside in the county’s 2019 budget to cover the projects full cost.