Dodge County 4-H Recognizing Speaking Contest Participants

(Juneau) The Dodge County 4-H Program is highlighting those who recently took part in a speaking contest. The organization says five youth participated in the Dodge County 4-H Speaking contest, held on January 26th at the Dodge County Administration Building in Juneau.

There were several different categories including interpretive reading, storytelling, original speech, and extemporaneous speech that youth in five-year-old kindergarten through high school could enter.

Dodge County Supervisor for District 27 Marilyn Klobuchar and a retired Dodge County educator served as judges.

Speaking Contest participants were:

Interpretive Reading

Grades 3-6 (4-6 minutes) Madelyn Grosenick, Lebanon Luckies; Claire Zuern, Herman Hornets

Grades 7-9 (6-8 minutes) Harper Zillmer, Hyland Prairie


Grades 3-6 (4-6 minutes) Elise Hensler, Lebanon Luckies

Original Speech

Grades 7-9 (6-8 minutes) Sawyer Zillmer, Hyland Prairie

Placing results are:

Grades 3-6

Blue Ribbon: Madelyn Grosenick, Lebanon Luckies (Interpretive Reading of “Minnie & Moo: The Case of the Missing Jelly Donut”); Claire Zuern, Herman Hornets (Interpretive Reading of “Honestly Red Riding Hood was Rotten”)

Red Ribbon: Elise Hensler, Lebanon Luckies (Storytelling of “Mike Mulligan & the Steam Shovel”)

Grades 7-9

Blue Ribbon: Harper Zillmer, Hyland Prairie (Interpretive Reading of “Invisible Boy”)

Red Ribbon: Sawyer Zillmer, Hyland Prairie (Original Speech “Is the Great Salt Lake Drying Up?”)

Pictured: Dodge County 4-H Speaking Contest Participants: (from left to right) Madelyn Grosenick (Lebanon Luckies); Claire Zuern (Herman Hornets); Elise Hensler (Lebanon Luckies); Sawyer Zillmer (Hyland Prairie); Harper Zillmer (Hyland Prairie).