Didion Milling Employees Still On The Job

9/15/17 – Employees at Didion Milling in Cambria are still working even after a deadly explosion limited production. The Johnson Creek-based company assured its employees in the days after the May 31st blast that they would continue to be put to work. Didion Human Resources Director Amy Jones says the company has been focused on getting their employees meaningful work that helps pay the bills and feel wanted and needed. Jones says the group is called the “External Projects Team” because they remain on the Didion payroll and continue to get their benefits while maintaining their seniority. However, they are working for other employers and are considered a “leased” or “loaned” employee. While the milling portion of the Cambria facility is being rebuilt, Jones says they are operating at full capacity in producing ethanol and receiving grain. She says Didion employees are working full-time in spite of some limited opportunities. Jones says not all employees are able to work the same amount of overtime hours that they had traditionally come to expect but all employees have been placed somewhere in the company, another company or the community. For the two months after the explosion, Didion had a crisis counselor on site and employees were encouraged to stop work at any time if they needed help processing what had happened.