Updated: Bomb Squad Detonates Potential Hazardous Device In Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) One person was arrested after a suspicious device was discovered in Beaver Dam over the weekend.  Police Chief John Kreuziger says his officers responded to a suspicious person complaint at 2:45pm Saturday near Kelly Circle and Riverview Drive. Officers made contact with the suspect and upon investigation, discovered the subject to be in possession of a backpack containing a potentially hazardous device.  He was detained for further questioning and the Hazardous Devices Unit (HDU) of the Dane County Sherriff’s Office was contacted to assist. The unit was able to safely remove the device and it was destroyed in a safe location. The subject was later arrested and transported to the Dodge County Jail.  While the incident is under further investigation, Chief Kreuziger says it has been determined there is no further danger to the community.




Initial post:

(Beaver Dam) The Dane County Bomb Squad is assisting the Beaver Dam Police Department on the scene of a situation unfolding on the south side of the city. Police Chief John Kreuziger tells DailyDodge that his officers responded to a suspicious person complaint late Saturday afternoon and one individual was taken into custody. Authorities then turned their attention to a vehicle on Kelly Circle that has something inside that could be considered suspicious. At 5:30pm, a robotic device equipped with camera’s was deployed by the bomb squad. “At this time we really don’t know,” Kreuziger says when asked about the incident, “we have him in custody and we are interviewing him right now.” The chief says their measures are precautionary to ensure that the neighborhood is safe. “We weren’t going to approach the vehicle so that’s why they’re here.” Developing story…