Columbus Recognizes One-Time Citizen Of The Year

(Columbus) A Columbus educator and one-time Citizen of the Year is being honored posthumously next week. The Columbus City Council voted this week to officially make October 12, 2018 “Alice Schmidt Day” in the city.  The proposal to recognize Schmidt was brought before the council by Alan Strohschein who praised Schmidt following her death last month. He says that from her birth on July 4, 1931 she was not only a caring educator but also instrumental in helping the Columbus Carriage Classic, the Columbus Historical Landmark Preservation Commission and the Columbus Historic Society.


The resolution states: “Whereas Alice Schmidt devoted her life to service to her family, church, and Columbus Community.

Whereas October 12th has long been recognized by the city of Columbus as the day America acknowledges Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the new world.

Whereas as retired educator Alice Schmidt brought history alive for young and old.

Whereas her gifts as a philanthropist continue to reverberate throughout the community.

Now therefore the city council, the city of Columbus in Columbia County Wisconsin does declare October 12th, 2018 Alice Schmidt day.”


Strohschein hopes that residents will take a moment on Friday to remember Alice Schmidt’s legacy.