Columbus District Superintendent Reflects On Football Team’s State Championship Win

(Columbus) Columbus Schools Superintendent Jacob Flood looks back at the high school football team winning state and its impact on the district. The Cardinals defeated Waukesha Catholic Memorial 23-21 on November 17th at Camp Randall Stadium. It is their third state title. Flood says he’s proud of the team. 

“First off, we have that football success,” said Flood. “The coaches and players did an absolutely great job. Made us proud, rallied the community.”   

Flood says the win speaks a lot to Columbus as a school district. 

“Really for us as a school district, I frequently talk about us being a staff or a district of excellence and on the brink of greatness,” Flood said. “And really, for us, that team modeled what it takes to be great.”  

Flood adds that people are afraid to be great in today’s day and age and that the community really rallied around the team.