Columbus Council Reduces Hours At Aquatic Center

(Columbus) The reduction of swim hours at the Columbus Area Aquatic Center was a topic of discussion at a recent city council meeting. The proposed change is to close the pool at 8pm instead of 8:30. The only exception would be if it was an extremely hot day, then the pool would stay open longer. Alderwoman Trina Reid agreed with the exception.       

“Yeah, I would definitely want the pool available longer, you know, if were opening a cooler center,” said Reid. 

The reason for the proposed reduction of hours is because the staff is getting younger. Most employees are around 14 or 15 years of age and cannot work past 9pm. It would also help the aquatic center follow Labor Laws.  

Alderman Ian Gray said it would be up to the aquatic center to provide staffing. 

“They would have to have the people there in order to do it,” Gray said. “So that would a day to day consideration, just like if it was hot. It’d have to be hot and have the appropriate staffing.” 

After some discussion, the council voted to approve the updated pool hours for next year.