Clyman Village Board Adopts Demerit Point Ordinance

(Clyman) The Clyman Village Board Monday night approved the implementation of a demerit point ordinance to govern liquor license holders. Discussion arose following alleged incidents of sex-trafficking at a strip club in the village as outlined in a federal indictment. The village attorney assembled an ordinance modeled after a similar measure in the Town of Lebanon, where there has been a similar situation with a strip club and a demerit point law was adopted in June. Implementation will allow the village to identify offenses like fights, underage drinking and prostitution. Violations will be measured by a point system established by the board for each offense. If any business with a liquor license accumulates too many points within a pre-designated period, a hearing would be triggered that could result in monetary fines, license suspension or license revocation. The ordinance has to be publicly posted before it officially takes effect.


Read the ordinance here:

Alcohol Control Ordinance DRAFT 2018-7-13