City, Town of Beaver Dam At Odds Over Roads, Jurisdiction

(Beaver Dam) Officials on Beaver Dam’s Operations Committee this week learned about yearlong tensions with the Town of Beaver Dam over roads and jurisdiction in what is known as the Elser Woods and Shady Oaks subdivisions. A multi-unit apartment complex is being constructed on city land just beyond the barrier of a dead-end road off North Spring Street called Woodland Drive. City Attorney Maryann Schact says the two municipalities have been in a back-and-forth over Woodland Drive, which she says is “very essential” to the new apartment complex.

Schacht told the Operations Committee that, according to the county, half of Woodland Drive belongs to the city while half belongs to the township. Schacht explained that the township installed playground equipment at the end of the road last year without notifying the city; it’s since been removed but a barricade remains in place. Town Board Chair John Kuzniewicz contends that all of Woodland Drive is owned by the township from right-of-way to right-of-way. David Addison of the Dodge County Land Information Department says the township does have ownership of Woodland Drive from North Spring Street to the dead-end. Any extension of Woodland Drive beyond the barricaded dead-end would be entirely under the purview of the city.

Developer Michelle Foote explained her frustration with the township to city officials on Monday. “I’m exhausted, its been a year,” she explained, “we thought we secured access through Woodland Drive, everything was great moving along, and the barricade is still up.” Foote says she has “basically been harassed” by the tenants of both subdivisions and is at her “wits end.” She notes that her construction crews use a temporary road off County Highway B to the construction site so as to not disturb Woodland Drive residents.

The town board last week approved an intergovernmental agreement that would make the temporary road a permanent, public street through the complex. The city was poised to vote on the agreement this week, but Foote asked them not to saying the temporary road off County B should not become a permanent public road. Monday’s vote was postponed to allow city and township officials to hammer out an agreement. Schacht said she was optimistic that there would soon be resolution as the two sides are meeting in the next week. Oak Point Village is expected to be open by September.


Listen to the Operations Committee discuss the Intergovernmental Agreement: