Church Group Encouraging County Board To Purchase Strip Club

(Juneau) A local non-profit wants to see a Juneau strip club turned into a performing arts center. The Christian Leaders Coalition of Dodge County presented their ideas for Solomon gentleman’s club to the county’s Executive Committee Tuesday morning. They say a repurposing of the structure will help spur economic growth and increase tourism.

Solomon’s has been up for sale for over seven months at a cost of around $400-thousand dollars. Christian Leaders Coalition member Gene Schmidt says he has spoken with the building’s owner Mike Siegel who has expressed interest in selling. He says there are currently two strip club owners who are vying to purchase the building but so far no agreement has been reached. The Watertown minister says this initiative is at the behest of the public who does not want to see another strip club move into the space.

While no plan was offered to pay Solomon’s, Schmidt suggested that an option could include using county funds. He added that he was not at the meeting to sell the idea to the board but encouraged them to discuss the issue and talk with their constituents.

County officials say there is very little room in the budget this year. Concerns were also raised about removing tax base from the city as a result of the county purchasing the structure. Instead, they suggested going to the private sector or discussing their options with the county’s Economic Development Administrator.  Schmidt says the Christian Leaders Coalition will continue to work with local leaders on the matter.