Cash Bond Set For Beaver Dam Man Accused Of Crashing Into Middle School

(Beaver Dam) Cash bond was set at $10-thousand dollars Thursday afternoon for the suspect in a police chase that ended with a fiery car crash that knocked a hole in the Beaver Dam Middle School. Roy Cortez is charged with felony Fleeing for the incident that started with a domestic abuse report around 11:15pm Wednesday night.

According to the criminal complaint, the 22-year-old was kicked out of another Beaver Dam residence three weeks ago and was living with a friend. She told authorities that he had a hard time accepting that they were only friends. She felt threatened as he became agitated. He left the apartment briefly and she locked him out. That’s when Cortez reportedly smashed a window to regain entry and authorities were called.

Officers estimate that the vehicle was traveling up to 90-miles-per-hour on Grove Street when they observed a large fireball and heard a loud thud. The impact decimated an electrical transformer and created a hole in the brick middle school building estimated at seven-feet wide and 30-feet tall.

If convicted, the felony charge carries a maximum six-year prison sentence. A judge will decide next Thursday if there is enough evidence for Cortez to proceed to trial.


Read the criminal complaint here:

Criminal Complaint (Signed) – Cortez, Roy


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