Born Refutes Accusations Of Delay In Dane, Milwaukee County Recount Reimbursement

(Wisconsin) Dane and Milwaukee counties will have to wait a little while before they are reimbursed for the costs of recounting votes from the November election. The legislature’s budget committee has not yet paid the bill. Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson accuses lawmakers of “playing politics with money that is not theirs.”

Losing candidates can request a recount, but they have to pay the costs upfront if they lost by more than one-quarter percent. The Trump campaign paid three-million dollars to re-count the votes in Wisconsin’s two most populous counties.

Joint Finance Committee Co-Chair Mark Born tells DailyDodge that any perceived delay is simply part of the reimbursement process. The Beaver Dam Republican notes that the counties have not yet submitted any bills. The deadline to submit the receipts is the end of the month. Born added that the $3-million dollar estimate was a lot higher than the 2016 recount costs, which saw in a partial refund after the ballots were tallied; the same is anticipated with this recount. With the 2016 election, the state did not pay the costs until January and February.


-Wisconsin Radio Network contributed