Born Previews Upcoming Legislative Session

(Beaver Dam) Wisconsin’s next legislative session is right around the corner. During down times, Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam says matters not handled during the previous session are discussed and researched further in study committees. 

“Those are things that are usually identified during the session where it’s like okay here’s an issue but it seems like it’s an issue that really needs to be a deep dive,” says Born. “Which doesn’t necessarily work the best in the active days of floor periods and quickly moving sessions and committee work. So, those kind of go on the back burner for a few months to get then formed into a study committee.”   

During a recent appearance on Community Comment, Born noted one of the study committees he monitored closely. 

“Licensing…both of challenges that we’re seeing at the Department of Safety and Professional Services…there’s been some major problems there…I’m hearing from constituents very consistently about how difficult it is to get licensing in almost all areas but especially in the medical fields,” says Born.  

“Major delays, major problems. So, there was a study committee looking at both the challenges there but also looking at do we need all of these licenses or are they being implemented in the best ways.” 

Born says another study committee focused on military code in the wake of sexual misconduct issues in the national guard. As a co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, Born says their work is never done. 

“Because there’re always things that are before the committee…we have passive reviews that don’t require meetings but those are things we’re reviewing and either approving or objecting to from the agencies,” says Born. “We also get requests from the agencies to make changes to their budget. We also have Department of Justice settlements that come before us for approval. We generally had enough things to be meeting every month and adjusting those issues…the office was certainly never closed.”  

Born says he is currently hiring staff for those who moved on to other positions. The next legislative session begins January 3rd.