Born Hopeful HOPE Agenda Bills Will Get Governor’s Signature

(Beaver Dam) Three bills that State Representative Mark Born backed are heading to the Senate for deliberation. The Beaver Dam Republican voted in favor of legislation that is an extension of the HOPE Agenda.

The Assembly bill directors the Department of Health Services to establish a web-based substance use disorder treatment platform to help individuals find and obtain appropriate addiction treatment in their region. Born says it will also create a central location for resources on treatment services for individuals struggling with addiction. He says the goal is to try and make this resource more accessible for people who are struggling to get through the system for assistance.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Born shared his thoughts on the bill’s chances of moving on to the governor’s desk for a signature. He says he is hopeful – with the legislation having wide, bi-partisan support in the Assembly. Born adds that these types of packages normally pass both Houses unanimously or almost unanimously.

Born also supported two bills that direct funds to expand substance treatment services and training for treatment providers.