Born Calling On The Governor To Get Wisconsin Back To Work

(Madison) State Representative Mark Born is calling on the Governor to get Wisconsin back to work. Born says all the good news surrounding the Assembly’s passage of the Republic-authored state budget last week, has overshowed Tony Evers’ vetoing legislation that would have ended federal unemployment payments of $300 dollars a week. Businesses have said the additional federal benefits are making it hard for them to fill open positions as the economy bounces back. The payments are scheduled to end in 10 weeks, but 25 states have decided to end the payments early. Born says this veto shows Evers is out of touch with small business owners and the people who are working hard to keep the economy moving. The Beaver Dam Republican says the Governor would rather people stay at home and out of the workforce than join the multitude of states that have already passed similar legislation. Born adds that this puts Wisconsin at a competitive disadvantage. Evers accused the Legislature of interfering and encroaching on his office’s authority to administer the unemployment insurance program in Wisconsin.


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