Bids Now Sought For Rehab Of Beaver Dam’s Oldest Park

(Beaver Dam) The City of Beaver Dam has taken another step forward in the rehabilitation of the city’s oldest park.  On a recent WBEV Community Comment, Mayor Becky Glewen relayed that the city was now seeking bids for this multi-part project, starting with the park’s iconic lagoons.  She says while they have received many comments about failing benches, or other similar items in need of repair, their focus now is on the parks failing lagoons. 

In recent years the stone walls of the lagoons have begun to deteriorate beyond the point of standard maintenance, even fully collapsing in some areas.  When asked about the bridges featured near the ponds, Glewen shared positive news, saying the bridges are in good condition needing only some repairs. 

Another important feature included in the plan is the addition of new water features, potentially including a waterfall and fountain, which Mayor Glewen says is both for looks and function.  She adds that it was determined that the lagoons will need more water movement which not only keeps the water cleaner, but improves their look. 

Initial estimates for the rehabilitation of the lagoon was $530 thousand, which was included in the 2021 Capital Improvement Plan, but more recent assessments of the scope of work required the city to borrow another $100-thousand dollars for next year.  This increase is due in part to an increase in infrastructure costs, and storm water control.  Glewen says generous donations have helped to cover much of the difference in cost, but the remaining amount, about $50 thousand may need to be included in the cities 2022 Capital Improvement Plan.  Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment, she announced a $200-thousand-dollar donation from National Exchange Bank for the walking path in the park.