Beaver Dam Youth Baseball Update – 5-13-21

Here’s this week’s Beaver Dam Youth Baseball Update: Games 5-12-21


Single A (7-8) year olds

Red Sox-8 Orioles-2

Wyatt Lehner’s pitching and Drew Lesh’s catching led the way for the Red Sox.


Pirates-2 Brewers-1

Nolan White scores the walk off run on a hit by Seton Probst who was 2 for 2 on the night. Dokken Burbach homered for the Brewers lone run.


Double A (9-10) year olds


Astros-10 Pirates-8

Brewers-10 Red Sox-2

The Crew banged out 10 hits led by Ty Fitzsimmons to cruise past the Red Sox.


A’s-7 Angels-4

This hard fought close game was highlighted by a Mason Mack’s liner to center that was shoe-string caught by Caleb Alvin to end an early inning rally by the Angels.



Triple A (11-12) year olds


Marlins-10 Pirates-6

Abe Wilke closed out the game pitching with a brillant pickoff move. Ryan Jenkins went 2 for 3  including a double that plated two to lead the way for the Marlins. Kelin Schmuhl threw a spotless inning in relief for the Pirates.

Cardinals-12 Padres-9

The Cardinals remain unbeaten on the year with a close win over the Padres.


Contributed by:  Russ Corcoran – BDYBS President


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Photo:  Wyatt Lehner’s pitching helped the Red Sox to an 8-2 win over the Orioles in Single A action on Wednesday night.