Beaver Dam Youth Baseball Report

Boys Single A (5/9)

Athletics 3

Tigers 0

Red Sox 8

Brewers 0

Boys Double A (5/11)

Red Sox 5

National 6

Mason Mehan, Liam Brault and Camryn Pamenter tore up the base paths all night to lead the Nationals.

Pirates 6

Yankees 9

Kobi Rueter’s excellent pitching along with Brady Hein and Rueter inside the park home runs helped the Yankees to victory

Brewers 4

Marlins 3

Levi Gruenewald started the game off with a hit leading the Brewers to victory.  

Boys Triple A (5/11)

Pirates 5

Red Sox 10

Timely hitting by Tegan Cabreda and Joey Reifsnider and a strong start by Jayce Barstow lead the Red Sox to victory.  

Brewers 14

White Sox 3

Big hits by Finley Marx and Eli Hafenstein helped the Brewers down the White Sox.

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Submitted by

Aaron Gruenewald – BDYBS President