Beaver Dam Teachers Vote Down District’s Salary Offer

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam teachers have voted down the district’s salary offer. Staff members recently met to discuss and vote on the school board’s pay scheme. After a lengthy discussion the teachers voted unanimously to reject the district’s offer, which Beaver Dam Educator’s Association President Matt Ziebarth says was lower than last year’s cost of living.

He says in the past, the district has always given teachers raises as a percentage of their salaries. Ziebarth adds the board this year offered the same dollar amount to every teacher, regardless of their individual salaries. Meaning a teacher who has been in the district for one year will get a 4.6-percent increase, experienced teachers would get 2.6-percent pay bump.

Ziebarth says the average raise would work out to be approximately 3.6-perecnt, lower than the 4.7-perent increase in last year’s cost of living.

He says if the district starts short-changing teachers on cost-of-living increases it will be harder to attract and retain the kinds of professionals Beaver Dam citizens expect to have teaching their children.