Beaver Dam Police Chief Discusses Village Glen Apartment Explosion On Community Comment

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Chief says 2018 was a tough year. No incident encapsulates that statement more than the explosion at the Village Glen Apartments. The 11-day ordeal ended with a controlled burn of the entire 16-unit apartment complex ordered following a March 5th explosion that left one dead. Authorities found 13 jars of T-A-T-P, a volatile chemical so unstable that it first had to be detonated, before the entire building was burned to the ground.

Chief John Kreuziger says he has never seen an event like this in his 28 years on the force. He says it was amazing having two-to-three hundred law enforcement agencies from across the state and country working together.

Kreuziger says there will be no new information in the case outside of lab results that will confirm the chemical found inside the apartment. He notes the question of motive could forever remain a mystery.

Kreuziger says with no new developments his department will release all information pertaining to this incident in several months. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Kreuziger touched upon a recent New York Times article he is quoted in that covers the deceased’s collection of white supremacy literature. He says the piece suggests law enforcement is turning a blind eye to the issues with white supremacy groups. Kreuziger says the material located in the apartment does not tie him to other groups or activities.

Kreuziger says he would prefer to close the book on this case will all the missing blanks filled in.