Beaver Dam Ordinance Change Would Target Lawns Converted To Gravel Driveways

(Beaver Dam) One a six-to-one vote, the Beaver Dam Operations Committee Monday night advanced an ordinance change that would prohibit gravel driveway extensions in front yards. In 2010, the council approved an ordinance preventing people from parking on their lawn, though it did make concessions for those who convert a portion of their lawn to driveway with concrete, asphalt or gravel. The new proposal would prohibit the gravel driveway extensions in the front of the house and make those with pre-existing gravel driveway additions convert the gravel back to grass, unless approved by the city. Mayor Becky Glewen says existing improvements would not be grandfathered-in. Gravel would still be allowed on the side and rear of residential properties and those already with asphalt and concrete driveway extensions would not have to do anything. The matter will be considered by the common council at their next meeting.