Beaver Dam Murder Suspect Cites Workplace Chemical Exposure In Insanity Plea

(Beaver Dam) The details surrounding the trial of a Beaver Dam man accused of murdering his ex-wife were discussed during a motion hearing Wednesday. Ulisses Medina Espinosa’s attorney took no objection and the court granted the state access to the defendant for an evaluation. Last month, Medina Espinosa changed his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of mental defect. The defense is arguing that a work place exposure to toxic chemicals may have been a factor in the crime.

The court also allowed the state to enter into evidence several loaded gun magazines that were located in the defendant’s vehicle. They also will allow the defense to view a sealed letter that Medina Espinosa wrote specifically for his lawyer. Judge Steven Bauer said that Medina Espinosa’s attorney can see the letter but it will remain a “privileged document” and shall stay in evidence. The defense also asked the court to help expedite the process of obtaining a report from the Beaver Dam Police Department that may suggest a death threat was made against Medina Espinosa prior to the crime.

Medina Espinosa is facing a felony charge of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the death of Stacia Hollinshead of Sycamore, Illinois. Hollinshead was shot to death in March inside a home on East Third Street in Beaver Dam. The homicide charge carries a life prison sentence, if the 32-year-old is convicted. The trial is scheduled to begin June 1st.