Beaver Dam Mayor Says Fixing Swan Park Retaining Walls A Top Priority

(Beaver Dam) Municipalities across the state are gearing up for budget season. Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen says numbers are still being hammered out behind the scenes. Glewen says street maintenance will be a top priority but she says improvements at the city’s oldest park is also high up on her list. In January, the community got its first look at renovation proposals developed for Swan Park. Conceptual plans were based on meetings with community leaders and the results of a public survey that saw over 2000 responses.  Glewen told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that a top priority in the park would be fixing the retaining walls around the lagoon, which are starting to sag. The plan also includes the replacement of the city pool, which has exceeded its useful life, with a splash pad. Glewen says size of the pool that would be required to meet the needs of the community was determined to take up too much space in the park. Glewen says costs are still being shored up. Beaver Dam typically adopts their budget during their regular meeting on the third Monday in November.