Beaver Dam Mayor Outlines 2023 Priorities    

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen has a few priorities in 2023. One of them is parks. Glewen says she would like to see more involvement from the state when it comes to parks and adds that there are plenty of improvement plans that have been put forward.
“When I talk about, we’ve put together maybe some plans for improvements for parks, people are extremely dedicated and interested and seeing parks improved,” says Glewen. “Yet we don’t have funding for that.”
Another priority is using taxpayer money to possibly help improve a local park in town.
“For instance, we could go to the community and say, ‘Are you interested in seeing the shell, the band shell and sitting area improved at Swan Park?’” Glewen says. “And you would commit 0.5, you know, I don’t know, an eighth of a percent of a penny for three years. It would raise this much money and then we can improve that.”
Glewen says that most of the time, the community agrees about park improvements and overwhelmingly supports it.