Beaver Dam Common Council Adopts Borrowing Plan

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night approved a $2.8-million dollar borrowing plan for road repairs, infrastructure improvements and downtown revitalization. Mayor Becky Glewen’s borrowing plan originally totaled $3.7-million dollars. However, the city has a self-imposed borrowing cap of $1.6-million, unless approved by a three-fourths majority of the council, which is eleven of 14 alderpersons. The plan includes $1.9-million for roads, which saw no opposition. The major sticking point was a $1.4 downtown revitalization component. After multiple compromise votes failed – with consistent opposition from alderpersons Ken Anderson, Mick Fischer, Mary Morgan and Mary Flaherty – the downtown spending component was trimmed to $580-thousand dollars. Flaherty, who broke the deadlock by voting in favor of the plan, says sometimes you have to pick your battles. The downtown revitalization component includes the removal of one-to-three downtown buildings, a landscaping plan, trees and funding for a matching grant for façade improvements. Exactly what form those improvements will take with the reduced funding will be worked out in committee. There were public comments from 20 city residents yesterday. Nine people were completely in favor of the borrowing plan while eight people were completely against. Another three people were against downtown revitalization but in favor of street funding.