Beaver Dam Approves Creation Of Economic Development Position

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night approved the creation of a part-time Community Development Manager position on an 11-to-3 vote. The economic development role is tasked with attracting new businesses and residents to the city.

Alderman Dave Hanson was initially reluctant to move forward with the contracted position. Though he ultimately voted in the affirmative, Hanson questioned the status of another possible hiring: the creation of the position of a full-time city administrator. Hanson says he would have been more comfortable approving the hiring of the part-time position knowing that the switch to a City Administrator form of government could be delayed.

Mayor Becky Glewen says establishing a timeline would be difficult because there are a lot of considerations that come with changing to a City Administrator form of government, which would also require reducing the position of mayor from full-time to part-time.

The new Community Development Manager will work 29 hours per-week with a salary of $20-per hour, funded with monies left over from the reduction of the deputy city clerk’s position to part-time, following a retirement.

The source of the funding was a point of contention with city officials. Finance Director John Somers says the money for the position is already built into the budget and will require no new monies in this budget or future budgets.

Alderman Ken Anderson voted against the creation of the position, saying – among other things – that the matter should be addressed at budget time.

City officials did amend the resolution on the council floor to include wording that specifies that the contract is for one year-only requiring council approval for a second year.