BDPD 2022 Annual Report Covers Accident Statistics

(Beaver Dam) The recently released Beaver Dam Police Department’s 2022 annual report covers a number of different police activities including accident statistics. There was a total of 246 accidents, with 56 of them being injury related, four of them involving pedestrians, and 15 involving alcohol. There was one fatal accident that occurred last year, and Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson recalled the details during a recent appearance on Community Comment. 

“If I remember correctly, it was on Gateway Drive,” Johnson says. “I don’t wanna misspeak however, I believe the fatality was not a result of the accident itself.”   

Johnson says he believes the fatality occurred because of a medical issue during the accident. The lieutenant says that while fatal accidents caused by medical conditions are rare, they do happen. 

“Usually when we see something that serious, it’s usually a pedestrian is involved, a bicyclist or a motorcycle,” says Johnson. 

Johnson says that accidents that result in fatalities rarely happen if people wear their seatbelts. 

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