BDHS Athletic Hall Of Fame Class of 2021: Anne Pearson


Anne Pearson served as the Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director
at Beaver Dam High School for 42 years, retiring from her position at the
end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Anne began her career with the Beaver Dam Unified School District
immediately after graduating from Beaver Dam High School in 1976. In the
first three years of her 45-year career, Anne worked various clerical roles in
the BDHS main office before joining the athletic department in the fall of
1979. During her tenure, Anne served eight different athletic directors, and
nine different principals.

During her career, Anne helped the department navigate through a
conference re-assignment, from the Wisconsin Little Ten Conference after it
disbanded, to admission into the Badger North Conference. In addition, Anne
also assisted with the addition of 6 new sports during this time as BDHS
expanded its athletic offerings to 21 WIAA sponsored sports.

Among the many duties Anne performed, the most significant included
transportation logistics/scheduling, hiring/confirming officials, organizing
home game-day logistics, monitoring athlete eligibility, and organizing end
of the season athletic awards. Outside of her athletic duties, Anne was
responsible for procuring substitute teachers on a daily basis at BDHS,
assisted with the needs of the 30 non-athletic extra-curricular organizations,
and also served as the school’s financial bookkeeper.

In closing, Anne’s parting words are the she “worked with many amazing
people, all whom I consider my family.”