BDFD Urges Public To Check For Recalled Dehumidifiers

6/22/17 – Beaver Dam Fire Chief Alan Mannel is urging the public to check to see if their dehumidifier is on a recall list. A dehumidifier was said to be the cause of a basement fire on the 100 block of Cleveland Street Tuesday morning. Mannel says they have had several fires that can be traced back to defective dehumidifiers that are on the recall list. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of millions of dehumidifiers last fall because they can overheat and start on fire. The recall affects around 3.4 million Midea dehumidifiers of varying sizes sold under dozens of brand names including GE, Kenmore and Frigidaire that were manufactured by GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipment Ltd. of China and sold at department stores including Menards from January 2003 through December 2013.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission website can be found at: