BDFD Give Out Winter Heating Safety Tips

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Fire Department are highlighting several winter safety tips as homeowners begin firing up their heaters and lighting their fireplaces. Firefighter Nick Smith says fireplaces should be cleaned and inspected annually. He says to check for cracks or holes and encourages everyone not to use accelerants.

During a recent WBEV’s Community Comment, Firefighter Brad Modaff gave a few tips to those who use kerosene heaters. He says they should in an open area or space to reduce the likelihood that it emits the dangerous and poisonous gas carbon monoxide.

Smith says that carbon monoxide is one of the biggest safety concerns that most people forget about heading into the winter months. He says every home should have carbon monoxide detectors and if you already have them, be sure to check the batteries often. Carbon monoxide detectors have a five-to-10-year lifespan so fire officials say to check that they are up to date.