BD Positively Hoops Selects Citizenship Award Winners

Beaver Dam Positively Hoops recently awarded four Beaver Dam High School graduating seniors with the Beaver Dam Positively Hoops Citizenship Award. To be eligible, award winners needed to have participated in Beaver Dam Positively Hoops throughout their youth, participated in the Beaver Dam High School basketball programs for four years, and maintained a high school GPA of 3.0. Applicants composed a few short essays on topics of what playing in Positively Hoops did to help them for high school and playing basketball in high school, what basketball experiences will be taken with them into their lives, and the importance of having programs like Positively Hoops in a community and what they will do to be part of programs like this in adulthood. Positively Hoops provided a monetary award to Brady Helbing, Evan Sharkey, Peyton Wietzke, and Corey Gundert.

Pictured are: Tim Ladron, Boys Varsity Head Coach, Brady Helbing, Evan Sharkey, Peyton Wietzke, Corey Gundert, and Tim Chase, Girls Varsity Head Coach.