Alliant Energy Celebrates First Community Solar Project

(Fond du Lac) Alliant Energy recently celebrated their first community solar project. The 1-megawatt solar garden in Fond du Lac, at maximum output, could power 1,000 homes and is expected to be operational by the end of 2021. Alliant Energy Wisconsin President David de Leon says they are thrilled to have this opportunity to thank their solar block subscribers, the Fond du Lac community, and their major business partners. He says their first Alliant Energy community solar garden reflects the community’s innovative spirit and passion for green energy. Alliant Energy’s community solar program provides an opportunity for customers to share the benefits of solar power without the need to install solar panels on their property. They receive a credit on their monthly electric bills for every block of energy purchased. The credits begin once the facility is in service and will last for 20 years. Participants will realize cost savings over the life of the solar facility.  Located west of the Highway 151/Hickory Road intersection, the project is built on land leased from Brownsville-based Michels Corporation. President Pat Michels says they are proud to be the anchor tenant of Alliant Energy’s first community solar garden. The Fond du Lac solar garden is the first of multiple community solar locations across Iowa and Wisconsin for Alliant Energy.