Alice In Dairyland Encourages ‘Something Special From Wisconsin’ Gift-Buying

If you’re looking for some great holiday gifts, consider getting Something Special From Wisconsin.

Alice in Dairyland Kaitlyn Riley says the program helps identify producers and companies keeping their process and production local.

“It was made with at least half of the ingredients, production or processing going right back to our state. But it’s also going to be a gift that keeps on giving, because it’s returning dollars back to our local farmers, processors, communities or economies.”

Riley says you should think about spicing up your holiday cooking with some Wisconsin made products, like honey.

“I made a cranberry sauce using Dancing Bear Apiary honey instead of sugar to sweeten my blends. There’s so many way where we can take our typical holiday traditions and take them from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Another item that could be a stocking stuffer is candies from Cream City Caramels in Milwaukee.

“They use real cream in their products, and they take small batches of caramels to mix them together and create fun flavors like India Pale Ale, they also have a Vanilla Porter, and the classic Caramel flavor.”

You can find your special item online at