Aerators Deployed On Beaver Dam Lake

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association has deployed aerators on the lake. The devices create open water that helps maintain the oxygen levels in the water. Earlier this month, two aerators were placed near Skunk Island and two near Axehead Island which is also known as Meinders Island. The volunteers also roped off large areas to protect people on the ice who are snowmobiling or ice fishing as the aerators create large areas of open water. With the extremely cold weather recently, the ice is eight-to-15 inches thick and that can reduce oxygen to dangerously low levels for fish survival. The Lake Improvement Association monitors the oxygen level of the lake in seven different locations. The most recent reading on January 9th showed the average oxygen level was below what the average has been on that date for the last seven years. The aeration equipment, its deployment and operation is supported by both the Lake Improvement Association and the Beaver Dam Lake Development Corporation.