Acquaintance Says Fox Lake Murder Suspect Threatened Him The Day Of The Crime

(Juneau) A witness testifying at a Fox Lake murder trial says the suspect made threats towards them the day of the crime. Laverne Ware Jr. is accused of shooting his girlfriend and first cousin Sesalie Dixon on December 3, 2016.

Prosecutors say Ware fired three, nine-millimeter rounds into the victim’s head. The body was discovered at 100 We Go Trial in Fox Lake, a home that was purchased by the defendant for his mother Marjorie Jones. The defense argues that the 56-year-old Jones is the actual perpetrator of the crime. They maintain that Jones was upset because Dixon had stolen money, pills and her 59-year-old, live-in boyfriend.

Day five of the trial continued Friday with testimony from Justin Delvalle, a close friend of both Laverne Ware and Sesalie Dixon. Delvalle said he met Dixon around 2015 and then later came to know Ware. During the morning hours on the day of the homicide, Delvalle stated he reached out to Ware to see if he was available to hang out.

After hearing no response, Ware texted Delvalle around 8:40pm that night asking him for his apartment number. Shortly after, the two had a phone conversation in which Ware made verbal threats. Delvalle said Ware threatened to blow his head off and his kids head off.

The defense did object to the line of questioning but was overruled by Judge Brian Pfitzinger. Ware’s attorneys noted the fact that Delvalle did not at first come forward with a statement in 2016 and denied giving one when asked by police. The defense also pointed out that Ware did later apologize for his actions.

Delvalle said he did not want to be involved but when subpoenaed by District Attorney Kurt Klomberg it prompted him to come forward. The second week of the two-week jury trial will continue on Monday.