Absentee Ballots to Arrive in Mailboxes Soon

(Juneau) If you requested an absentee ballot by mail, election officials say you should be seeing that ballot in your mailbox this week. Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson says following the directions listed on the ballot is important if you want your vote counted. She says voters need to sign the envelope and a second party needs to witness it and include their signature and address.

Ballots will continue to be sent out to voters who request them by mail until the Thursday before the April 5th election. In person, absentee voting starts on March 22nd but Gibson notes that not all municipalities begin on that date and encourages citizens to reach out to their local clerk’s office.

She says whether requesting a ballot by mail or voting absentee in-person, you will need a valid photo ID which does not necessarily need to be a driver’s license. Other ID’s include a military ID card issued by the US Uniformed Service, federal ID’s issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs, a US passport, a certificate of naturalization, as well as a Department of Transportation receipt. Gibson says indefinitely confined voters do not need to show an ID.

An important change to note for absentee voters, ballots can no longer be returned via ballot drop boxes unless directly staffed by a municipal clerk. Meaning ballots cannot be dropped off at boxes located outside city halls. Gibson says get your application for an absentee ballot in early so it can be returned on time.

Most municipalities will have a sign posted on their drob box to notify voters as well as an insert placed with the ballot. Voters are also not allowed to hand deliver anyone else’s ballot. They must either be mailed, or each voter brings their own ballot.