5-Stones, PAVE Launch See Something Say Something Campaign

(Beaver Dam) Two local organizations have started a campaign to curb human trafficking. Tuesday is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and all of January is National Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Month. In recognition, 5-Stones and PAVE have begun their See Something Say Something campaign. 5-Stones Dodge County Founder Tracy Scheffler says the campaign’s mission is getting those who see potential signs of human trafficking to reach out.

People can call PAVE’s crises line, the county’s human services number, local law enforcement, or if there is an active situation dial 911. Scheffler says many people have been rescued from horrible situations by an average citizen.

During a recent WBEV’s Community Comment, Scheffler said victims of human trafficking can be unaware of their situation. She says she has heard directly from survivors that they did not know they were being trafficked or that they could put a name on what they were experiencing until learning more about the facts of human trafficking.

Scheffler says there are many signs of human trafficking. They include unstable living condition; submissive, tense, and paranoid behavior; deferring to another person before giving information; branding or tattoos; inappropriate clothing; and multiple phones.

As part of the campaign, four billboards have been installed throughout the Dodge County area that includes a hotline number for those in need to call.

PAVE’s crises line is 920-887-3810, their 800 number is 1-800-775-3785, and their texting line is 920-344-0123.

To call the Dodge County Adult Protective Services unit dial 920-386-3580. For Child and Adolescent Services call 920-386-3750.

The Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888.