5-Stones Dodge County Discuss Dangers Associated With Strip Clubs

(Juneau) 5-Stones Dodge County say strip clubs can be a gateway to sex trafficking. Organizers with the non-profit recently joined WBEV’s Community Comment to discuss the dangers associated with such establishments. 5-Stones Dodge County Founder Tracy Scheffler say trafficker’s will coerce their significant others to dance at a strip club for money to help pay for bills.

Over the past year, two Dodge County strip clubs have been shut down – the Hardware Store in Clyman and the Wild Rose in Lebanon. Both establishments closed as allegations of sex trafficking surfaced resulting in federal indictments of three people to date. Solomon’s Gentleman’s Club in Juneau is still open but its owner has looked to sell the property. Last May, a local coalition of Christian leaders held a free concert at the strip club in hopes to spur discussions of transforming the building into a performing arts center. Scheffler says the event was well supported. She says the concert redeemed something that is used for bad and cast a vision that the building can be used for something good if it is not a strip club.

More information about the organization can be found on their website www.5-stones.org.