$40K Donation Helped Kickoff Fundraising Efforts For Beaver Dam’s Swan Park

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen says a surprise donation from a generous donor helped kick start fundraising for the revitalization of Swan Park. On a recent WBEV Community Comment, Glewen shared a story about an unexpected phone call she received four years ago from a woman in Colorado who was seeking to donate in memory of her mother who grew up in Beaver Dam and loved Swan Park. Glewen says at the time there wasn’t even a fund set up yet for the proposed project, but the woman insisted, and offered up a $40-thousand-dollars donation. 

Recently, Dodge County Historical Society President Patrick Lutz and his wife chose to donate to the park as well adding $10-thousand-dollars towards the project. The donated funds will help the city reach the estimated $1.4-million cost of the project. Glewen has said many discussions have happened regarding how best to raise the needed money, and says a fund has since been created to take in donations. The Mayor added that another idea that has been bounced around includes offering up various naming rights. 

Those seeking more information or wishing to donate to the revitalization efforts of Swan Park should reach out to the city of Beaver Dam.