2022 All-Eastern Suburban Football Team Released

2022 All-Eastern Suburban Conference Football Team    

1st Team:  Offense         Name    School  Grade

              Quarterback                    Ryan Mast                        Markesan           12

              Runningback                   Micah Kracht                   Markesan           12

              Runningback                   Caleb Stoll                        Markesan           12

              Runningback                   Delroy (DJ) Vernon         Clinton 12

              Receiver                           Kiefer Parish                    Cambridge         10

              Receiver                           Benny Marshall               Waterloo            11

              Tight End/Fullback          Peyton Kleinheinz           Marshall             12

              Flex Offense                    Brayden Klubertanz        Marshall             11

              Flex Offense                    Ryan Sturgill                     Waterloo            11

              Offensive Line                 Peyton Gundelach          Marshall             11

              Offensive Line                 Ryan Kratz                        Markesan           12

              Offensive Line                 Connor Bergeron            Waterloo            12

              Offensive Line                 Austin Peplinski               Horicon/Husty  10

              Offensive Line                 Peircen Bingham             Clinton 12

2nd Team:  Offense        Name    School  Grade

              Quarterback                    Peyton Bingham              Clinton 12

              Runningback                   Matthew Motl                 Marshall             11

              Runningback                   Payton Vincent                Horicon/Husty  12

              Receiver                           Noah Taylor                     Palmyra-Eagle   11

              Receiver                           Sawyer Weisensel           Clinton 12

              Tight End/Fullback          Kerrigan Conway             Clinton 12

              Flex Offense                    Nathan Johnson              Dodgeland         11

              Flex Offense                    James Merryfield            Palmyra-Eagle   12

              Offensive Line                 Taylor Michalak               Marshall             12

              Offensive Line                 Jacob Schwoch                Markesan           12

              Offensive Line                 Keegan Lauersdorf         Waterloo            11

              Offensive Line                 Quentin Kramer-Pein     Dodgeland         11

              Offensive Line                 Zander Garlock               Palmyra-Eagle   11

1st Team:  Defense        

              Defensive Line                 Taylor Michalak               Marshall             12

              Defensive Line                 Austin Peplinski               Horicon/Husty  10

              Defensive End                 Peyton Kleinheinz           Marshall             12

              Defensive End                 Rick Ugorgi                       Waterloo            12

              Inside Linebacker            Erik Ayala                         Marshall             12

              Inside Linebacker            Tyler Mast                        Markesan           11

              Outside Linebacker         Ramon Campos               Marshall             12

              Outside Linebacker         Keegan Lauersdorf         Waterloo            11

              Flex Defense                    Brayden Klubertanz        Marshall             11

              Flex Defense                    Chayce Osterhaus           Markesan           12

              Defensive Back                Caleb Stoll                        Markesan           12

              Defensive Back                Benny Marshall               Waterloo            11

              Defensive Back                Caleb Williams                Clinton 12

              Defensive Back                Cooper Setz                     Waterloo            12

              2nd Team:  Defense        Name    School                Grade

              Defensive Line                 Owen Douglas                 Clinton 11

              Defensive End                 Andy Mass                       Horicon/Husty  11

              Defensive End                 Owen Hesebeck            Clinton 12

              Inside Linebacker            Owen Haseleu                 Waterloo            11

              Inside Linebacker            Casey Grudzinski             Horicon/Husty  11

              Inside Linebacker            Duncan Ireland P            almyra-Eagle     12

              Outside Linebacker         Alex Davis                        Horicon/Husty  11

              Flex Defense                    Joey Brown                      Palmyra-Eagle   11

              Defensive Back                Collin Petersen                Marshall             12

              Defensive Back                Dylan Agen                      Palmyra-Eagle   12

              1st Team:  Specials         Name    School  Grade

              Kicker                                 McKynzee Schepp           Marshall             12

              Punter                               Dylan Riener                    Palmyra-Eagle   10

              Special Teams Player      Caleb Stoll                        Markesan           12

              2nd Team:  Specials        Name    School  Grade

              Kicker                                 Klayton Bischoff           Horicon/Husty  12

              Punter                               Matt Buckman                Cambridge         10

              Special Teams Player      Jacob Schoonover           Clinton               10

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