Yes This Is Another Story About Skittles

2/4/17 – The Skittles story just will not go away. It made national headlines last month when a box on the back of a flatbed pickup truck split open in the rain, scattering hundreds of thousands of red Skittles – without the trademark “S” printed on them – all over Dodge County Road S. The driver said he was using the skittles for animal feed. It is not uncommon for food byproducts to be used in animal feed but in the days after the Skittles spill it was learned that the Yorkville, Illinois factory that makes the chewy treat does not sell unused products for animal feed. The company also said that it only sells reject candy to third party processors so that it can be mixed with other ingredients in making animal feed, not individual farmers. Mars Inc., the company that makes Skittles, now says the sticky mess all started because of miscommunication between a vendor that handles its waste management and a subcontractor. Mars says it does not believe there was “ill-intent” and “corrective action” is being taken.