This Year Vehicle Sales Beating Last Year’s Sales

3/19/17 – Vehicle sales in the region so far this year are outpacing numbers from last year. According to the Waterloo-based industry tracking firm Reg-Trak, vehicle sales are up 13% in the nine-county, south central Wisconsin region. Truck sales were up nearly 17% while car sales increased almost 6%. In Dodge County, sales are up 22% in the first two months of this year, compared to January and February of 2016. There were 568 vehicles sold, up from 462. The increase is spurred primarily by truck sales, with a 36% increase, while car sales decreased 17%. Columbia County saw 366 vehicles roll off the lot, 53 more than were sold last year during the same timeframe, for an increase of 17%. There was a 27% increase in truck sales and a 17% decrease in car sales. Jefferson County is reporting a 12% increase with 342 vehicles sold in the first two months of last year compared to 383 this year. In Jefferson County, there were 28% more cars sold compared to a 6% increase in truck sales.