WRMC Adds Cardiac Services

(Watertown) Watertown Regional Medical Center announced that they have added cardiac services. Watertown Regional Medical Center CEO Richard Keddington says they added interventional cardiologists to their cardiology team so they could offer 24/7 heart attack care. He adds that this recent addition gives patients local access to doctors who treat all facets of the heart.

Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical patterns of the heart and an electrophysiologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cardiac problems related to those patterns. This is different than a cardiologist or interventional cardiologist who focuses on the mechanical function of the heart. Conditions treated by an electrophysiologist include arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, and ventricular fibrillation.

Typically, a patient will be seen by an electrophysiologist after a consultation with their primary care physician or a cardiologist. The Heart and Vascular clinic is located inside Watertown Regional Medical Center at 125 Hospital Drive.

Dr. Marcie Berger is a board-certified electrophysiologist who is available for appointments in Watertown. In addition to Dr. Berger, patients can be seen by cardiologist Dr. Fahad Iqbal, interventional cardiologists Dr. Salim Shammo, Dr. Paul Volkert, and Dr. Issam Al-Bitar, and nurse practitioner Beth Pape.

For questions about the services provided, click HERE or call 920-262-4449.