Office snacks — from candy to doughnuts on Fridays — may boost morale, but they can wreck your waistline and sabotage your health. It has been shown that just the sight or smell of candy, cookies, donuts and other sugary sweet concoctions triggers a desire to eat some. Since most of us are lugging around excess body fat, this kind of morale booster is not helping our diet efforts and may inadvertently contribute to increasing sick days and perhaps anxiety, listlessness or moodiness when the resulting sugar rush wears off. If you eat just two pieces of candy each workday, it totals about 480 calories. if you weigh 160 pounds, you would need to do one of the following every day just to burn up those 480 calories:

  • Walk for 157 minutes
  • Ballroom dance for 132 minutes
  • Golf (with no golf cart or caddy) for 88 minutes
  • Backpack for 56 minutes
  • Run fast for 29 minutes

In addition, these sugary treats wreak havoc with our bodies, spiking insulin levels and making fat burning impossible. Today the average American eats his or her weight in sugar every year. The typical person eats 50 teaspoons of sugar every day — most of it hidden in processed and packaged foods.