Workshop To Address Clean Soil And Water Practices

1/31/17 – Area farmers and waterfront property owners have an opportunity next week to learn more about striking a balance between producing crops and protecting the environment. A workshop geared toward farmers will be held on Wednesday, February 8th at the Juneau Community Center. Later that night, a program with some of the same speakers will be held for the general public. The Healthy Soil-Healthy Water Workshop is a farmer-to-farmer hosted event featuring a nationally known soil health and cover crops spokesperson. Ray Archuleta, also known as “The Soil Guy,” will explain how healthy soil and healthy water equals more profits. The farmer-to-farmer workshop will also feature Justin Morris, a Regional Soil Health Specialist in the new Soil Health Division of Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Pennsylvania farmer Jim Harbach who milks 1000 cows, operates a methane digester, and farms 2200 no-till acres. In the evening program for waterfront property owners, Archuleta will discuss how modern farm practices are reducing sediment and nutrient runoff into our water resources. The Healthy Soil-Healthy Water Workshop geared toward farmers begins at 9am while the waterfront property owner program starts at 7pm, both are at the Juneau Community Center.