Work On New Beaver Dam SSM Health Physicians Offices Focused On Interiors

(Beaver Dam) With one more month before the first patient walks in the door at the new SSM Health physicians offices in Beaver Dam, work is now focused on construction and installation of fixtures needed by team members to provide quality care. Read the full press release:


With roughly one more month before the first patient walks in the door at the new SSM Health physicians offices in Beaver Dam, work is focusing less on actual construction and more on the installation of furniture and fixtures needed by providers and team members to provide compassionate and quality care.

At mid-January, efforts surrounded the care team areas on both first and second floors as furniture installation begins to clearly define various workstations and workspaces. Installs first focused on erecting furniture walls/partitions and will then move into desks and partial walls for specifics work areas.

Exam rooms are beginning to take shape as mobile work surfaces and furniture is being added to house computers, phones and other items needed by providers.

Major construction on the clinic’s second floor is complete and construction team members are focused on punch list items to be completed prior to the move.

Flooring and vinyl base installation is being completed on the first floor, along with painting. However, construction efforts are winding down nicely.

Information technology (IT) devices are now on-site and placement is underway. Device installation will begin in the exam rooms and then follow the furniture installation crews as they complete workstation installs. Elevator components have arrived and installation is nearing completion.

Waiting room and breakroom furniture, depending on location, will arrive in separate waves, followed by artwork and wayfinding installation.

In late January, the first transfer of equipment will begin, including supplies that can be physically placed by staff members. Mobile supply carts will be positioned for each exam room. Procedure room lights are in place.

A new Siemens DR X-ray machine has been installed. The clinic will be transitioning its EKG machine to the new location and is planning to secure a second.

SSM Health will be sharing more details about the new clinic through marketing efforts, including radio, print, outdoor and direct mail.

The new 40,000-square-foot, stand-alone clinic will house SSM Health primary and specialty care providers and Fond du Lac Regional Clinic providers, as well as imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services. Once built, SSM Health will move services currently provided in leased space adjacent to Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam to the new location. The clinic’s first day is Monday, February 22, 2021.