Wolf Hunt Lottery on Wednesday

The state D-N-R will decide this week who gets to hunt in Wisconsin’s inaugural wolf season. A lottery will take place, to determine who receives the 11-hundred-60 available non-tribal hunting and trapping permits. The D-N-R plans an electronic lottery on Wednesday from an estimated 20-thousand applications received as of Friday. Winners will be notified the following week. And they’ll be told they cannot use hunting dogs to help guide the hunters to wolves. Dane County Judge Peter Anderson struck down the hunting dog provision a week ago, at the request of animal rights and environmental groups who said it would cause blood-shed between the dogs and the wolves. The judge will decide Wednesday whether to dismiss the suit, as requested by the D-N-R because the plaintiffs’ main issue will have already been addressed. D-N-R staff members expect to ask the Natural Resources Board later this month for permission to apply the dog ban for a wolf season that’s scheduled to begin October 15th.