Wisconsin’s Vaccination Numbers Keep Dropping

(Dodge County) Wisconsin’s coronavirus vaccination numbers are getting smaller. In the week ending Sunday, state health officials say 22-thousand people in Wisconsin got a dose. That number will likely go up. Still, 22-thousand doses in one week is Wisconsin’s lowest total since the state began offering the coronavirus vaccine in December. Wisconsin’s peak was 428-thousand doses in one week back in early April. A little more than half of eligible people in Wisconsin have at least one dose of the vaccine. Just over forty-percent of Dodge County’s population have received one shot of the COVID vaccine while 38.8-percent have completed the vaccination series. That figure is 43.4-percent in Washington and Jefferson Counties, 41.5-perecnt in Fond du Lac County, 51.7-percent in Columbia County, and 42.6-percent in Green Lake County.


WRN contributed

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Health website