Wisconsin State Patrol To Conduct Aerial Enforcement In Neighboring Counties

(Columbia County) The Wisconsin State Patrol is planning several aerial enforcements in neighboring counties. Weather permitting, the State Patrol’s Air Support Unit will hit the skies over I-39/90/94 in Columbia County Friday. They will again patrol that area on Sunday. Patrol units will be over I-41 in Washington County on Monday.

State Patrol officials say aerial enforcement is one way to enhance public safety efforts. They say from the air, it’s much easier to spot drivers who are speeding or driving aggressively. When a pilot observes a violation, they communicate with ground-based units to initiate a traffic stop.

Officials say many aerial enforcement missions are announced publicly to reinforce State Patrol’s goal to improve safety through voluntary compliance with traffic laws, not simply to stop or cite drivers.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook page