Wisconsin Losing State Employees At Highest Rate In A Decade

6/26/17 – Wisconsin is losing state government employees at the highest rate in more ten years. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says almost four-thousand state employees outside the U-W System left in 2016, and that’s eleven-percent more than the previous year and twice as many as in 2010. Reports say more public servants are leaving for better jobs in the private sector, or they’re among the growing numbers of baby boomers retiring. Almost 40-percent of state personal health care workers quit last year — and Governor Scott Walker proposed an extra 40-million dollars in wages for those employees in his new state budget package, while other public workers would get two-percent annual pay hikes, the most in years. State employees have seen their pay go up by just seven-and-one-half percent since 2006, well above the 19-percent inflation rate for that period.